7 writing exercises (200-250 words each) based on an article

7 writing exercises based on two different but similar articles. Article #1 is 8 pages, article #2 is 7 pages. Most of the work should be done on article #1. 1. There is a different due dates for each writing exercise which is due on a weekly basis. 2. Each Exercises is no longer than 200-250 words. 3. APA use is not mandatory. However, you are required to use APA citations. 1: Paraphrase the first three paragraphs (not the abstract) of journal article #1. 2: Summarize paragraphs 4 through 7 of journal. 3: Compare the points of view expressed in journal articles. 4: What is the purpose, audience and claim of article #1? 5: Describe the organizational structure of the Introduction of article #1. That is, explain what is being accomplished by each of the paragraphs. Why has the author included them? 6: Describe what the author accomplishes in the conclusion section of article #1. 7: Describe how you could revise either the introduction OR the conclusion of article#1.