photochemical smog ( Research paper)

SOLVED. Get the solution. This assignment consists of several parts –
o Scholarly Article? What’s That? How to Read a Scientific Scholarly Article
o How to Find Scholarly Articles. Mus is a peer-reviewed scientific journal
o Citing your article in APA or MLA

Write a concise, thorough summary of that article; and
 Write a short discussion on the organization of the article, the use of language, and the
presentation style/format of figures, graphs, and tables.  
 Write the citation for your article in APA or MLA format 

DQ chemistry

SOLVED. Get the solution.   
Read the case study about metals eating each other and answer the 12 questions at the end of the case.

See Attached Article

Start the main post for week 3 discussion due week 3 Sunday (you need 1 main post with at least 300 words (you can have more words) and you need 1 more posts responding to your other classmates (150 words minimum) – due week 4 on FRIDAY. If you miss the due date for the 1 post in week 3, you will be given a zero but I will change it to half credit if you respond back to 2 classmates by week 4’s deadline.


SOLVED. Get the solution.  which you model a pde (partial differential equation) and a system of pdes respectively. It is required to be done in MATLAB, particularly in a matlab livescript. I cannot attach the .mlx file itself but can attach a pdf that if you copy into a livescript, will work all the same. All functions and graphs must be contained in the single livescript. 

Phama 7

SOLVED. Get the solution.  
You have been invited to assemble a task force to design a medication assistance program. You need to submit a proposal, regarding who you would invite, to the CEO. Consider the perspectives of prescribers, discharge planners, financial navigators, patients, suppliers, book keepers and subsidizers. If you were to seek the input of 5-7 stakeholders, who would you invite to the planning table, and why? Consider the need for a group facilitator. Who would that person be, and why?
Submit a 2-3 page APA style response to this query. Open with a paragraph of purpose, dedicate a paragraph to each stakeholder that you would invite, and close with a summary of what you hope to accomplish with the group, within a designated time frame.

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