what are the Impact of using nano-particles on refrigerant and lubricant on the COP ( coefficient of performance ) and emissions in district cooling

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References: APA style 

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What Is Radio Online?

SOLVED. Get the solution. Internetradio is a form of digital audio service that is broadcast over the internet. Although it is primarily a radio service, it is also called webcasting. It is transmitted through a wired connection and does not use wireless transmission methods. Because of this, it is much easier to listen to than traditional radio stations. 

Listening to radio online is an excellent way to experience different types of music and radio shows. There are niche websites dedicated to specific genres or cultures. You can tune into the streams that interest you most, and you don’t have to worry about being late. As a true music fan, you’ll appreciate the freedom to discover new sources of entertainment. Terrestrial radio stations tend to focus on the newest and most popular songs, but these are not very exciting for music fans.

Radio online is becoming increasingly popular. Many younger generations expect instant access to entertainment and information. As a result, more radio stations are creating apps and tools that allow people to access and listen to their programs. Mobile browsing has become more prevalent, which makes radio streaming an excellent way to reach a new audience. So, why not give it a try?

Another type of radio online is internet-only radio stations. These stations focus on certain genres of music and don’t interrupt their programs with advertising. As a result, they can offer a huge variety of music genres and programs. Some even offer international stations.

Week 2 Assignment

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This assignment requires that you select one of the mandatory reading resources assigned for either Week 1 or Week 2 and deconstruct it into its primary elements, namely:

The Research Question;
The Thesis;
The Claims or argument;
The Evidence or supporting facts; and,
The Conclusion(s)

1. After you choose the scholarly resource (from among the Week 1 or Week 2 required readings), download it into a Microsoft Word document. Locate the elements by annotating with the “highlight” tool and/or using the Comments tool (available on the “Review” tab on the top of the page) to provide remarks in the margins.
2. Briefly critique the article by identifying both its strong elements and those that were less compelling.
3. Finally, assess this resource’s utility to you after you have broken it down through this deconstruction process and understand the argument and facts that the author used to support his/her claims. You may write at the bottom of the article itself or provide your answers in a separate Word document. Your critique should be no longer than a single double-spaced written page.
Please provide a complete citation for your chosen resource in either Bluebook or APA format (do not mix the two styles).THIS EXERCISE WILL PREPARE YOU TO WRITE YOUR OWN PAPERS AND ARTICLES!THERE WILL BE AN EXAMPLE IN THE CONTENT SECTION.When you have completed your exercise, please title it NameW3.doc and upload it in the Assignments module.

Make sure to look at this example: Corporate Warriors. (attached)

How to Investigate Cybersecurity Legal and Ethics Issues?

SOLVED. Get the solution. Critique the legal and ethical aspects of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) analysis of the Aaron Swartz criminal case and subsequent suicide, which is outlined in one of this week’s readings.  As you do so, please be sure to address the application of this topic’s facts, relevant procedures (legal, ethical and/or technical), as well as the concepts that you believe link all of these concepts together within your legal analysis.


SOLVED. Get the solution.  Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You are required to write an individual report including the following: A. For the Smith’s Dock site at North Shields in Newcastle, the project aims to develop a sustainable  housing scheme with consideration for inclusive living B. Analyse the project and propose an appropriate Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and  offsite construction methodology for the project. Your proposed method needs to be justified by  providing the advantages of the method for the project. C. Identify 3 major challenges in the planning, design and construction phases of your project that  can be addressed by Building Information Modeling (BIM). The challenges must be specific to  Smith’s Dock site and the project option, and the MMC method that you selected. D. Describe the potential consequences of not properly addressing the three challenges to the  project time, cost, quality, safety, sustainability, and/or productivity (you need to clearly explain how  each challenge could negatively impact one or more of these items).  E. For each challenge, develop a BIM-enabled solution and describe how BIM can address the  challenge, and improve project time, cost, quality, safety, sustainability, and/or productivity. The  solutions must be tailored to the Smith’s Dock project, and your selected project option. You can  exemplify the solution with some illustrations from the BIM model you develop for the Smith’s Dock  project.  The report shall include the following sections: – Section 1. Executive Summary o This section provides a brief introduction about the project, the proposed MMC method,  the type of the challenges you identified, and a brief description of your solutions.  o The maximum word count for this section is 500. – Section 2. Proposed MMC Method o This section describes what MMC and off-site construction methodology you propose for  the Smith’s Dock project, and the reasons for proposing this method along with its  advantages for this project (item B above) o The maximum word count for this section is 750. – Section 3. Identified Challenges o Challenge 1: Description of the challenge and its consequences (item C and D above) MCE | Learning and Teaching Page 3 of 4 o Challenge 2: Description of the challenge and its consequences (item C and D above) o Challenge 3: Description of the challenge and its consequences (item C and D above) o There is no word count limit for this section. – Section 4. BIM-enabled Solutions: o Solution 1 to Challenge 1: Description of the solution to challenge 1 (item E above) o Solution 2 to Challenge 2: Description of the solution to challenge 2 (item E above) o Solution 3 to Challenge 3: Description of the solution to challenge 3 (item E above) o There is no word count limit for this section. – Section 5. References: oFollow the referencing style specifified below. The number of words in the reference section  does not count.  


SOLVED. Get the solution. 300 word
 Locate an article in an aviation maintenance trade magazine on technical training. Provide insight, integration, analysis. You do not need to include the article itself in your submission, but you must include a reference page that includes the article and text information. Cite each appropriately.