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How it works: How Our essay writing service works?

Our writing service considers the time-factor in requesting for essay writing help. We provide a user friendly platform that allows only a few clicks in submitting an assignment help inquiry. Through only a few-clicks, your essay will be in the hands of an expert, and back to you as soon as you need it. The following are the steps your essay goes through:

1. Access our Interactive Order Panel

The first step begins when you click the Hire an Essay Writer Button. Instantly, you are directed to our interactive Order Panel. The Order Panel is an interactive application that allows you to place orders for your assignment, and helps our writers to connect with you and work on different orders.


2. Provide instructions for your essay

To order an Essay, fill in the New Order Form to specify the details of your essay. Here you provide the instructions such as number of pages, required sources, and also attach any files that can help us complete your essay in a flawless way. Provide as much information as you can on your order. The price for your essay is automatically calculated as you fill in the details of your order.

3. Selecting an Expert Essay Writer for your essay

After successfully placing an order and securing payment, the order is matched to a writer with the skills and knowledge required to complete the essay. Here we hand-pick the essay writer with the top skills in your subject/discipline to complete your essay. The Writer starts to work on the paper and provides updates as they progress.

4. Receive your completed Essay from our Quality Assurance

After the essay is completed by the expert hand-picked to write your essay, the quality assurance team reviews and proof-read it for relevance to answering your instructions and errors in writing. After it meets all the requirements, the essay is submitted to your account through the order panel and we send you an email notification. If you want, we can send the completed file to your email as an attachment. You receive the order and you go through it to make sure it meets your requirements. In case you need revisions, let us know and we will work on it immediately.
In the last step, you may provide feedback and possibly order another assignment. Once you are satisfied with the paper, give us feedback on your experience with our service by rating the writer. The feedback helps other students checking out for similar services to know that we provide the best essay writing services and homework help solutions.

Who will write my Essay?

  • A team of Professional essay writers and research experts

Your essay will be assigned to an expert who is specialized in your discipline. We have pooled together tutors and researchers from different fields of expertise to create a team of professional essay writers. Therefore, each essay receives the attention of an expert researcher to provide essential research skills and an experienced professional writer or tutor to work on your essay. With adequate research and quality writing skills, our custom essay writing service has helped thousands of students achieve top grades in their essay homework.

  • What makes them experts?

Our writers and researchers are experts because of two main reasons. They are academically trained and practically equipped to research and write about complex topics, case studies, and generate professional reports. All our writers have acquired at-least a Bachelor’s degree in their discipline, with more than 65% of our writers having attained a Master’s degree in their unique field of expertise. Additionally, most writers in the Expert and Professional categories have worked with our company for more than 3 years, thus acquiring practical skills and knowledge to research and write essays in any discipline for students in every academic level.

  • What is their background education?

Our writers and researchers have attained academic recognition from leading universities around the world. Each of these essay writers has at-least one Bachelor’s degree (65% of all writers with Master’s degree). This education background allow the writers to be competent in analyzing assignments, topics, and case studies to understand the required response/answers. Combined with their experience working with students as tutors and researchers, our essay writers have the best writing skills in the whole writing ecosystem.

  • How are they vetted?

Before joining our team, each expert, whether a researcher or a tutor must provide full academic credentials to show they posses a degree from a reputable University. The expert also undertakes a writing test which examines their ability to create professional papers, analyze research findings, and solve complex problems in limited timelines. This vetting process ensures that each writer can and will produce the required quality of work when working with students.

Testimonial/evidence from students who have worked with us –


Your writers are very good. Perfect communication throughout. Thanks a lot


University Student, Cross-cultural economics essay


The writing skills used to write my essay is just lovely. cheers mate


Undergraduate Student, Management essay


Great!! My instructor loved it. Thanks to your team


College Student, Transformational leadership essay


Thank you for your assistance. I’m currently waiting for my grade.


College Student, Internal competitiveness essay


That was fast. Thought we would miss the deadline. I have another for next week.


Masters, psychological research essay


Just what I needed. I’ll need your services in preppin’ my dissertation.

Juan Lee

Phd Student, Comparative analysis

Gateway Essay Writing Help

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Plagiarism Free Essays

Plagiarism is the greatest enemy of academic assignments. You must make sure that your essays are well-referenced and uses enough citations. You must also work diligently to make sure your essay is original and with zero plagiarism. Our experts deliver quality papers that are plagiarism free.

Meet our Team: Professional Essay Writers and Research Experts

  • How many are they?

Currently, our team comprises of 209 active professional essay writers and research experts. In some seasons when more students require assistance in writing essays, we recruit more experts to help manage all orders and deliver on time. Our company is growing fast due to the quality output and writing help given by our passionate writers and Our team continues to grow which means more students are benefiting from this service. Our commitment is to improving your learning outcomes by scoring high grades in your essay assignments. Diversity and inclusivity are critical aspects in out team. We believe in promoting a world-class working ecosystem for our essay writers, so they can be effective in helping students who need their professional assistance.

  • How have they performed before?

Each day we deliver over 170+ essays and other intense writing projects to students in universities and college. Our students have rated our service with 4.97 out of 5 which is a 99.5% satisfaction rate. These outcomes are a result of a collaborative efforts among our writers to provide essay writing help to students and improve learning outcomes. All the students we have worked with have been able to achieve top grades in their courses and graduated to achieve their dreams. Our Ph.D and Master’s students have equally benefited through our services. Using our thesis writing service, and doctoral dissertation writing services, we have helped students prepare research proposals, create incredible professional and world-class dissertation and score A’s in their coursework assignments.

    • Why are they different?

    Unlike many of our competitors who are driven by the need to earn money while writing essays, our team of online essay writers and research experts is founded on a desire to help students achieve quality grades that help them achieve their dreams in life. Our experts are united by a common goal to help students improve their learning experiences by providing assistance in researching and writing essays. Therefore, engaging with our experts in essay writing is a lifetime investment in acing your academic grades.

    • Who are at the top? – Statistics on top experts

    Frank - Ph.D writer & researcher

    Co-founder >> Member since 2015 >> over 50000 papers >> 1200+ programs >> Admin

    Perry - Ph.D researcher

    Member since 2015 >> over 12000 orders>> ★★★★★>> Tutor >> QA Team

    Annie - Ph.D and Masters writer

    Professional Writer >> Member since 2020 >> over 5000 orders>> Rated ★★★★★

    Dr Karl - Ph.D and Masters researcher

    Co-founder >> Member since 2015 >> over 45000 orders>> Rated ★★★★★ >> Admin >> Team-Leader

    Tech-Lead Wong - Senior Programmer

    Member since 2017 >> over 20000 papers and programs>> Rated ★★★★★ >> Technical Team

    Quality, affordable, and cheap essay writing service

    • What is the standard essay writing price?

    Our essay writing service is the only affordable service that guarantees world-class quality essays and research-based custom writing in the industry. Most of the cheap essay writing companies out there end up wasting student’s time and deliver poorly written and non-research based arguments that are easily dismissed by professors as low quality arguments. This ends up to a poor grade for the student. On the other hand, some of our competitors out there who offer quality work are very expensive to afford on a regular basis. This is where we come in.

    Our prices are based on the fact that the primary goal is to help students and not exploit them for their money. Here we need you to feel value for your money. We want you to get quality results at the lowest price possible. We accept tips though! Our prices start at $9 each page (275 words). This is the standard price and you are guaranteed to get quality essay solutions and value for money.

    • How much will I pay an expert to write my essay?

    Depending on your deadline, and level of complexity, you can get a professional essay writer at $9 only.

    • How do I pay a writer to get essay help?

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and many other payment methods. For more information, I can clarify through the chat.

    • Can I get a discount?

    We always have free coupons for new students joining us, and goodies for our returning customers. Something for Everyone. For the last time I just want to say we accept tips.

    • Money-back guarantee – instant refund system.

    In case you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund for your paper. Rarely will this be necessary. We make sure you get what you need.

    Get a Plagiarism-free Essay from our Experts

    Order an essay and let an expert help you create an exceptional paper. Use GATEWAY10 to get a 10% discount on all essays.

    Free features

    Free references page, free first page, free editing and proofreading, free Grammarly editing

    Premium features

    – Turnitin Plagiarism Report only at $15

    Free Unlimited Revisions

    After an expert has submitted your paper and you find that some information may need to be changed or improved, we provide such additional revisions free of charge. That is right, you don’t pay for revisions. We understand that essay writing requires some personalized experience and our unlimited free revisions on your essays ensure you get to put in your input to the whole writing process.

    Free proof-reading and editing

    After an expert essay writer have completed writing your essay, our editors take the essay and review it thoroughly. This review ensures that your instructions were followed thoroughly, and any grammatical errors are eliminated. Our editors proof-read to also detect some areas of your instructions that the writer may have missed. This proof-reading and editing is very important to our team since it authenticates that the essay delivered by the writer is ready for submission. At this stage, our editors utilize world-class editing tools such as Grammarly for grammatical editing, and Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

    Timely delivery

    Even on close deadline orders; your essay will be ready as soon as you need it. If it is late, it is failed. Deadline is the defining feature of how our experts work. We must at all circumstances meet the essay deadline since a late delivery leads to low grades for the students.

    24|7 Availability

    At any given moment, an expert is ready to take your essay homework, develop an original answer, and deliver on-time. We understand sometimes deadlines may overwhelm you. Just remember, Our services are available all the time. With a large team of professional online essay writers we can handle your essay at any given moment.

    Thorough research on your essay topic

    A good essay is determined by the research carried out to back-up your argument. With this in mind, we decided from the beginning to do things differently. Writing good essays requires a good understanding of the topic and equally an incredible ability to find appropriate sources to support your arguments. Lack of adequate research makes the essay easy-to-dismiss on the basis of lack of properly research arguments. On the other hand, good research into your essay improves its credibility, gives it higher ranking, and makes your argument solid. That is why our team consists of research experts to guide and work with the writers in preparing your essays.

    Real Time Discussions

    From the moment you visit our online writing website to the time you place an order for your essay, you can communicate to a real person any time to discuss the details of your assignment. Discuss with our experts all the details about your assignment, to help them make the most appropriate solutions and guides for your assignment. With the free revision and real-time progress tracking features, you can keep in touch with the expert working on your paper and request changes, modifications, or additions to make your essay better and more personalized.


    Plagiarism free Papers

    All our customers ask whether our essays are original or they will be plagiarized. I want to make it clear from the beginning that our papers are 100% plagiarism-free and original. Our professional writers are trained and tested to write papers from scratch. Also, we rely on high-end plagiarism checkers, Turnitin, to check for plagiarism. You can opt to get a plagiarism report when you are placing an order in our interactive Order Panel. It through originality that we can ensure your instructions are followed by our experts. Through-out the process of hiring, vetting, and reviewing the performance of our writers, plagiarism score is one of the key considerations. All our essays are originally written by the experts thus making sure zero plagiarism is achieved.

    World-class Professional Writers and Research Experts

    Our experts have experience working with students across the world undertaking programs in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Our experts are equipped with competitive education degrees in various disciplines, and years of experience as writers, researchers, and tutors. Are you a Ph.D. or Masters students? We have highly experienced educators and researchers focusing on helping students access writing and research tools for various assignments and projects. More importantly, our essay writers and research experts are dedicated to the performance of students in their assignments to ensure the student can score top grades from each assignment or homework.

    Cheapest essay writing service

    Save on custom writing services. Our website us the most friendly, affordable and cheap essay writing service. Our prices are based on the fact that the primary goal is to help students and not exploit them for their money. Here we need you to feel value for your money. We want you to get quality results at the lowest price possible. Our prices start at $9 each page (275 words). Our prices are subject to change depending on your education level, the subject, number of pages/words, or how urgent your essay writing help is needed. Click here to calculate price.

    Improve Your Grades. Rank with the top.

    We believe that the best essay writing service should help you get the best grade possible in your assignment. Here at we make sure you get value for your money by making a guarantee for best grades. By using our essay writing service, you obtain best results guarantee from world-class writers and professional researchers. We do not just write papers; we ensure your essay meets and exceeds all the requirements. For students, working with us helps improve your grades and become a top performer in your school work. Our learning resources, writing and research services guarantee learners top grades in their essay assignments.

    Personalized Papers - Custom writing services

    In case you are wondering whether your professor will detect a change in your writing style, our professional writers imitate your writing style such that no one can distinguish the essays we deliver from the essays you’ve written before. The goal here is to ensure your uniqueness is retained in all our products and services. Some of our customers are always concerned that some online writing platforms have scammed them before by providing plagiarized papers. Here at Gateway Assignment, we focus on original papers for our clients. Our objective is to create unique solutions that meet your needs. Through custom writing, the writer will read your assignment instructions and write an annotated bibliography from scratch. By requesting a plagiarism report, you can double-check to confirm this fact.

    We guarantee Security, Privacy, and Anonymity

    These are the top principles of all operations in our company. Retaining privacy and confidentiality is critical for our students. We make sure your information and details are secure. The first objective is to make sure we collect only the necessary information from students. Many of our competitors out there asking for too much information which is necessary. We only ask you what is needed to contact you and complete your essay. Not details about your cat, where you were born, which school you are at, or even the name of your instructor as these are quite unnecessary in essay writing. We do not, under any circumstance share your information or papers you have received. We don’t sell your solutions. Ever. Nobody will ever know your ordered a paper from us. It’s a secret. Moreover, our company uses the latest end-to-end encryption technologies for file sharing and messaging. These technologies help us guarantee the highest security and confidentiality of your information.

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