Pros and Cons of Costal Reclamation

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Neo Video(2020) :

Based on the questions below, discuss the pros and cons of coastal reclamation.

What is coastal reclamation? Refer to the lecture video/slides.
As Sengupta et al. (2018) show us, there has been a surge in coastal reclamation across the world. Why is it getting popular? What are main purposes? What benefits does coastal reclamation bring to the society?
Choi’s article (2019) and the Neo video (2020) highlight the contentious/controversial aspects of coastal reclamation. What are the social and ecological impacts of coastal reclamation? Also, is coastal reclamation economically viable?
Given all the knowledge you’ve acquired, what is your own view on coastal reclamation? On what basis would you support it? On what basis would you oppose it?

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the length of the writing ( 400 words).

world geography

SOLVED. Get the solution. Watch the video below and discuss the following questions.  Why is July 1 a significant day for protesting in Hong Kong?  What is the “extradition” that Hong Kongers are protesting against?  Explain if this is a continuation of the Umbrella Revolution or if this is different?  Do you think violent protests are justified or are peaceful demonstrations more of a way to get a point across? 
Make sure to write 4 – 5 sentences in your initial post. 
Hong Kong Protests: What Happened on July 1? | The Dispatch (Links to an external site.)

German-speaking City/Region

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Before you post to the discussion, read about the German-speaking cities and regions in Europe in this week’s Learning Material (Lesson) and view the following videos:
Rick Steves´ Europe: Berlin
Rick Steves´ Europe: Vienna
Rick Steves´ Europe: Switzerland

Note: Because Rick Steves is an American, he pronounces the cities with an American accent. Just note that how he says them is not the German pronunciation. Example: Bern – Click on the play sound icons to listen.

For this forum, consider the places in the world where German is spoken today, including the ones discussed in our Lessons. Choose one place that interests you. Pick a city or region in Germany, Austria, or Liechtenstein, or locate a German-speaking area or city in Switzerland, Belgium, or Luxembourg, and elsewhere such as Gdansk (Danzig) Poland. (Remember, your research is not on the country of Switzerland, Belgium, or Luxembourg but rather on the German-speaking population in one of those countries so if Dutch, Flemish, or another language is spoken that is not German.) Discuss at least three important elements of that city or region. Do a little research on the place of interest. 
Consider the following questions:
– What was your initial impression or stereotype of this culture before our Lesson?
– What other languages are spoken there?
– What sort of government exists?
– For what are they famous? What kind of art, architecture, and literature do they produce?
– What else new did you learn about this place?

Include some images (insert NOT attach), maps, sounds, and videos to illustrate and enliven your post.
Cite and fully reference all your sources, including images, with the Author, Title & Date, include links, and put quotes around direct information that you borrow. Images also require copyright permission if they are not Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain. For all your German and other foreign language references and citations, you should be using the MLA Style format.
Read your peers´ posts to enrich your understanding of the German-speaking world. Respond to your peers in order to engage in a discussion of these places, cultures, and peoples.

world geography

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Southeast Asia is subjected to several tectonic activities due to its location on what is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire (as discussed in the lecture). Research and find a major natural disaster due to tectonic activity that has happened in Southeast Asia and discuss it here.  What was the disaster, when did it happen, and what were the impacts?
Make sure to have 4 – 5 sentences in your initial post.    You need to have citations that follow the citation guidelines for this discussion.

world geography

SOLVED. Get the solution.  Watch the video below about the Aboriginal dreamtime (dreaming) of Australia.  What is the dreamtime?  Is it the same across Aboriginal tribes?  What is the importance of the songs?  What is the connection of the songs to the Physical Geography of Australia.
Make sure to write at least 3-4 sentences in your initial post.

world geography

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As discussed in lecture, Myanmar is going through a human rights crisis now.  Watch the following video and write an 10 – 12 sentence paragraph about what is going on the this country.  Which ethnic group is being impacted?  Why is this happening?  What is genocide?  How is this impacting the contemporary geography of Myanmar? How do you think social media can impact the geography of an area based on this example?  Write your thoughts in the textbox provided below.
The Ethnic Cleansing of Myanmar Explained: