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Get Expert Help in Preparing your Assignments

Our team of experts can help you in identifying the best research sources, create an outline or an annotated bibliography, analyze research findings, write professional literature review/analysis, and do the actual writing after conducting the research. Place an order and let our team help you get the best grade in this or any other research or writing activity.

Plagiarism Free Papers

Plagiarism is the greatest enemy of academic assignments. Our experts will make sure that your papers are well-referenced and uses enough citations. We also work diligently to make sure your papers is original and with zero plagiarism. Our experts deliver quality papers that are plagiarism free.

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Your writers are very good. Perfect communication throughout. Thanks a lot


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The writing skills used to write my essay is just lovely. cheers mate


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Great!! My instructor loved it. Thanks to your team


College Student, Transformational leadership research paper


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Phd Student, Comparative analysis

How it works: How Our essay writing service works?

Our writing service considers the time-factor in requesting for essay writing help. We provide a user friendly platform that allows only a few clicks in submitting an assignment help inquiry. Through only a few-clicks, your essay will be in the hands of an expert, and back to you as soon as you need it. The following are the steps your essay goes through:

1. Access our Interactive Order Panel

The first step begins when you click the Hire an Essay Writer Button. Instantly, you are directed to our interactive Order Panel. The Order Panel is an interactive application that allows you to place orders for your assignment, and helps our writers to connect with you and work on different orders.


2. Provide instructions for your essay

To order an Essay, fill in the New Order Form to specify the details of your essay. Here you provide the instructions such as number of pages, required sources, and also attach any files that can help us complete your essay in a flawless way. Provide as much information as you can on your order. The price for your essay is automatically calculated as you fill in the details of your order.

3. Selecting an Expert Essay Writer for your essay

After successfully placing an order and securing payment, the order is matched to a writer with the skills and knowledge required to complete the essay. Here we hand-pick the essay writer with the top skills in your subject/discipline to complete your essay. The Writer starts to work on the paper and provides updates as they progress.

4. Receive your completed Essay from our Quality Assurance

After the essay is completed by the expert hand-picked to write your essay, the quality assurance team reviews and proof-read it for relevance to answering your instructions and errors in writing. After it meets all the requirements, the essay is submitted to your account through the order panel and we send you an email notification. If you want, we can send the completed file to your email as an attachment. You receive the order and you go through it to make sure it meets your requirements. In case you need revisions, let us know and we will work on it immediately.
In the last step, you may provide feedback and possibly order another assignment. Once you are satisfied with the paper, give us feedback on your experience with our service by rating the writer. The feedback helps other students checking out for similar services to know that we provide the best essay writing services and homework help solutions.

Who will write my paper? – Meet our Team of Experts

  • A team of Professional essay writers and research experts

Your essay will be assigned to an expert who is specialized in your discipline. We have pooled together tutors and researchers from different fields of expertise to create a team of professional essay writers. Therefore, each essay receives the attention of an expert researcher to provide essential research skills and an experienced professional writer or tutor to work on your essay. With adequate research and quality writing skills, our custom essay writing service has helped thousands of students achieve top grades in their essay homework.

  • What makes them experts?

Our writers and researchers are experts because of two main reasons. They are academically trained and practically equipped to research and write about complex topics, case studies, and generate professional reports. All our writers have acquired at-least a Bachelor’s degree in their discipline, with more than 65% of our writers having attained a Master’s degree in their unique field of expertise. Additionally, most writers in the Expert and Professional categories have worked with our company for more than 3 years, thus acquiring practical skills and knowledge to research and write essays in any discipline for students in every academic level.

  • What is their background education?

Our writers and researchers have attained academic recognition from leading universities around the world. Each of these essay writers has at-least one Bachelor’s degree (65% of all writers with Master’s degree). This education background allow the writers to be competent in analyzing assignments, topics, and case studies to understand the required response/answers. Combined with their experience working with students as tutors and researchers, our essay writers have the best writing skills in the whole writing ecosystem.

  • How are they vetted?

Before joining our team, each expert, whether a researcher or a tutor must provide full academic credentials to show they posses a degree from a reputable University. The expert also undertakes a writing test which examines their ability to create professional papers, analyze research findings, and solve complex problems in limited timelines. This vetting process ensures that each writer can and will produce the required quality of work when working with students.

Best homework help website today: Features of our writing services

Free features

Free references page, free first page, free editing and proofreading, free Grammarly editing

Premium features

– Turnitin Plagiarism Report only at $15

Free Unlimited Revisions

After an expert has submitted your paper and you find that some information may need to be changed or improved, we provide such additional revisions free of charge. That is right, you don’t pay for revisions. We understand that essay writing requires some personalized experience and our unlimited free revisions on your essays ensure you get to put in your input to the whole writing process.

Free proof-reading and editing

After an expert essay writer have completed writing your essay, our editors take the essay and review it thoroughly. This review ensures that your instructions were followed thoroughly, and any grammatical errors are eliminated. Our editors proof-read to also detect some areas of your instructions that the writer may have missed. This proof-reading and editing is very important to our team since it authenticates that the essay delivered by the writer is ready for submission. At this stage, our editors utilize world-class editing tools such as Grammarly for grammatical editing, and Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

Timely delivery

Even on close deadline orders; your essay will be ready as soon as you need it. If it is late, it is failed. Deadline is the defining feature of how our experts work. We must at all circumstances meet the essay deadline since a late delivery leads to low grades for the students.

24|7 Availability

At any given moment, an expert is ready to take your essay homework, develop an original answer, and deliver on-time. We understand sometimes deadlines may overwhelm you. Just remember, Our services are available all the time. With a large team of professional online essay writers we can handle your essay at any given moment.

Thorough research on your essay topic

A good essay is determined by the research carried out to back-up your argument. With this in mind, we decided from the beginning to do things differently. Writing good essays requires a good understanding of the topic and equally an incredible ability to find appropriate sources to support your arguments. Lack of adequate research makes the essay easy-to-dismiss on the basis of lack of properly research arguments. On the other hand, good research into your essay improves its credibility, gives it higher ranking, and makes your argument solid. That is why our team consists of research experts to guide and work with the writers in preparing your essays.

Real Time Discussions

From the moment you visit our online writing website to the time you place an order for your essay, you can communicate to a real person any time to discuss the details of your assignment. Discuss with our experts all the details about your assignment, to help them make the most appropriate solutions and guides for your assignment. With the free revision and real-time progress tracking features, you can keep in touch with the expert working on your paper and request changes, modifications, or additions to make your essay better and more personalized.


Plagiarism free Papers

All our customers ask whether our essays are original or they will be plagiarized. I want to make it clear from the beginning that our papers are 100% plagiarism-free and original. Our professional writers are trained and tested to write papers from scratch. Also, we rely on high-end plagiarism checkers, Turnitin, to check for plagiarism. You can opt to get a plagiarism report when you are placing an order in our interactive Order Panel. It through originality that we can ensure your instructions are followed by our experts. Through-out the process of hiring, vetting, and reviewing the performance of our writers, plagiarism score is one of the key considerations. All our essays are originally written by the experts thus making sure zero plagiarism is achieved.


Our Mission

Provide solutions, guides, and related academic solutions for students with challenging assignments to help them achieve their desired goals and academic expectations.


Our Vision

Opening the gates to academic excellence by providing learners and students on-demand resources that help complete assignments on-time and attain their desired grades.

This Service is designed to help {Ph.D., Masters, University, and College} students struggling to find solutions to school assignments and homework. Our Experts will provide a complete, original, and plagiarism-free solutions/paper. If you just don’t know where to start, or you are committed to other projects, this is for you.

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

Our services are academic-based, specifically designed to help students with homework and assignments from school. We diversify these services into three major groups.

Academic Writing Services

Involving designing solutions such as essay writing, term paper writing, discussion posts, and any other writing assignments for college and university students (Including Masters and Ph.D. levels).

Academic Research Services

Designed specifically for students working on research projects. Can include literature reviews, annotated bibliography, research papers, report writing, thesis, and dissertations.

Editing and Proof-reading Services

Our experts will use assignment instructions, rubrics, and other requirements from your instructors to ensure your solution meets the grading criteria. We edit dissertations and thesis for Ph.D. and Grad-school students. We use tools such as Grammarly and Turnitin to detect grammatical and spelling errors, and also remove plagiarism from your assignments.

Our Resources

Essay Writing Guide

Write Compelling and top-grade essays through A comprehensive step-by-step full guide on how to write an essay –  to help you with each step of writing your essay.

Research Process

Look-up for information like a pro. Our guide provides a simplified easy-to-use research activities, to accompany you in searching, analyzing, synthesizing, and assembling facts from academic and peer-reviewed sources.

Creating an Outline

In this guide, we show you how to create an outline for your essay. Outlining is mostly under-looked but remains the most important part of your writing process. Do find more on how and what to include in your outline using this guide.

Learn with Purpose – Let us do the lifting!

We work, you Learn!

Do not allow intense-deadlines suffocate your learning progress. Spend more time doing the actual learning and let us handle the assignments. We believe and know that difficult assignments do not always contribute to learning.

By placing an order with us, you get to go through the learning materials peacefully, enjoying the learning process without worrying about your grades. After we send you the solution, you can go through it and discover the learning points in the assignment. You do not have to ‘actually’ do the assignment. You just need to learn from it.


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Covid pandemics

SOLVED. Get the solution.  Consider a topic (mental health, HIV, opioid epidemic, pandemics, obesity, prescription drug prices, or many others) that rises to the presidential level. 
1. How did the current (Biden) and previous (Trump) presidents handle the problem? 
2. What would you do differently?  
3. Consider how federal agendas promote healthcare issues and how these healthcare issues become agenda priorities.
4. Consider a population health topic that rises to the presidential agenda level. Which social determinant most affects this health issue? How did two recent presidents handle the problem? What would you do differently? 
5.  Utilize at least 3 scholarly references and APA referencing 
Past President’s Approaches 
What could be Done Differently

Generalist Model and Levels of Intervention

SOLVED. Get the solution. Students will make an oral presentation as the final project of the course in workshop eight, about a hypothetical case/or a character from a movie that will be assigned by the facilitator.
Identify on the cover the title of the work, your name, and the course
Briefly describe your character
Analyze the intervention to be carried out in the case through the generalist model,
explain the situation using systems theory or the ecological model,
develop a genogram or eco-map,
identify if there is a communication problem present and
identify in which stage of the family life cycle they are.


SOLVED. Get the solution.   Reducing delays in software development process 
Assignment Directions: Describe how you will resolve disconnection between the major IT functions of software development, quality assurance, and technology operations in your organization.
In a word document, discuss the assigned topic concisely in approximately ten sentences.
General requirements and instructions to complete your assignment

Use the IEEE format to cite any material you take directly from a source or paraphrase.
Type your responses in a Microsoft Word document.
Upload and submit your paper to the assignment drop box by Sunday at 11:00 p.m.
A rubric will be used to assess your responses.

Get Expert Help in Writing Your Paper

Not enough time to write your term paper? Don’t worry. Our experts will help you in writing your paper. Place an order and let our team help you get the best grade in this term paper.

Plagiarism Free Papers

Plagiarism is the greatest enemy of academic assignments. You must make sure that your essays are well-referenced and uses enough citations. You must also work diligently to make sure your essay is original and with zero plagiarism. Our experts deliver quality papers that are plagiarism free.

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Frequently Asked Questions – King Service FAQs

Is Gateway Assignment A Reliable Service?

Gateway is a group of experts, professional writers, and tutors brought together by the desire to help students achieve more in essay writing. Our Writers are experts in tutoring, research, and writing activities. We have worked with over 5,000 students pursuing college, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. Our Services are Trusted and Verified.

Will My Paper have plagiarism?

No. Absolutely Not. All our Papers are Original and are written by our experts from scratch. To be sure, you can request a plagiarism report when placing an order.

How Fast can you deliver my paper?

Any duration you select when choosing a deadline for the paper. The number of hours could be 3 hours to 24 hours to 2 days, a month, or any other duration.

For short assignments ranging between 1 page and 3 pages(100 – 1000 words), we can have them delivered in 1 hour.

Can I get a professional writer to write my essay?

Absolutely Yes. If you are looking for the most reliable and executive essay writing service, you are in the right place.

Gateway Writing Service is a program dedicated to improving student’s achievement in essay writing assignments. In our company, professional tutors and expert writers work together to create original solutions to help students complete their assignments.

Our essay writing service is the most reliable writing help online. Our writers are former students and researchers in leading institutions across the world.

Our founder, Frank, is a legend writer and educator who has contributed significantly to improving the performance of thousands of students.

The goal of Gateway Assignemnt is to lead in changing the learning process by allowing students to access unlimited resources in writing their essays.

How Much will it Cost?

Our Rates start at $9 per page (275 words). Plus:

  • Free First Page
  • Free Reference Page
  • Free Unlimited Revisions

Can I get a Discount for my first paper?

Ofcos. Use the discount code “GATEWAY20” at checkout to get a 20% discount off on all essays you order.

Do I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the paper?

Yes. Anytime you establish that our Services did not help you meet your desired outcome, you are entitled to a Full Refund. Read our refund policy to learn more.

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