Whether last term was a complete success or it could have been better, planning your assignment for the semester can help you start a semester off right for the best semester ever! 

Maybe you are doing a Phd. degree or maybe an undergraduate course, but we can agree student-life has many aspects. Some of the most common are fixed: Eating, Classes, Campus Organizations, Work, And Church. Many others are flexible: Sleeping, Studying, Recreation, Personal (errands, family, laundry).  

Time management is as important as it is boring — especially in the humanities and social sciences, many students are shocked to discover that the bulk of the workload isn’t the lectures and tutorials but the reading, which they somehow have to fit into their crowded lives.

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Planning your semester’s work in a course

Most college classes are planned to require about three hours work per week per credit in the course. By multiplying your credit load by three you can get a good idea of the time you should provide for studying in addition to time spent in class.

In the first lecture or first tutorial of each course, you should get a course  outline  or  subject  guide,  in  hard  copy  or  online.  This  typically tells you:

  • What the course is about
  • What overall questions it will raise
  • What you are supposed to learn (content)
  • What you are supposed to learn how to do (method)
  • What the lecture topics are
  • What you have to read and when
  • What tasks you have to do
  • When assessments are due 

A well-thought-out course guide will also break down the course week-by-week, with questions to think about as you read for each tutorial. It’s like hiring a guide when you travel to a new (and maybe daunting) place.

Many students feel overwhelmed, and never ‘find themselves’ in their new sur-roundings. You can help yourself best by reading each of your course guides all the way through in the first week.

Using your course outline to plan for your essay

  • Use a different highlighting colour for each essay topic that interests you. 
  • Then use the same colour to highlight tutorial questions and readings that relate most closely to that question. 
  • When you choose a topic, get the readings early. If possible, photocopy essential readings ahead, while the books are easily available.

Planning your semester’s work in a course, choosing your essay topics early, and settling into the readings well in time, ensure that you live mainly in the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant in the picture below.


Time Management Matrix - Gateway essay Writing Visual Guide pdf

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