How to Write Essay Paragraphs using the TEEL Structure

The TEEL paragraph structure helps you to organize your writing around the point you are discussing in a paragraph. TEEL stands for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link.

Writing an Essay - TEEL Paragraph Structure

This format of writing body paragraphs applies to all the paragraphs in your essay. If your essay has sub-topics, or headings, you should develop the points under each heading such that the reader can flow with your ideas.

Sometimes the essay could be long and needs many aspects addressed in a comprehensive way. In such cases, you should be able to identify situations where you should come up with different subtopics to address all the parts of the assignment.

Deciding when to create subtopics in the essay is key to meeting all assignment needs and can be achieved when outlining the essay.

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Topic Sentence

This is the first sentence of your paragraph. At this point, be specific and precise. State clearly to the reader one main idea or claim you intend to discuss in the paragraph.


The second sentence of your paragraph should contain more information about the first sentence or the topic sentence.


After introducing your point and elaborating it using the first or second sentences, provide evidence from research to support your claim. Here, you cite other academic sources such as peer-reviewed articles that support your idea. Evidence should be well-cited and referenced using the appropriate referencing style as required in your class/course or according to the assignment guidelines. Enough evidence can be achieved by combining multiple sources and references to back up your argument.

    • Using examples allows you to connect the reader with realistic situations and scenarios that fit your argument. The examples help connect the evidence with various scenarios and scope your argument can be applied. Combine evidence with examples to make vivid illustrations of your argument.

Link (Linking Sentence)

This is the last sentence in the paragraph that helps the reader, connect with the next paragraph. While linking between paragraphs, use the transition words to flow from one paragraph to another. Ensuring your essay paragraphs are interlinked using transition words keeps the reader engaged, and helps validate your argument or claim.

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