I need you to fix my one page homework which is report from social media in my college

I met the Clothesline’s Project yesterday at Fullerton College. In fact, each year this event is hosted by the Social Sciences Department and includes those who were affected by the violent crimes. The Clothesline Project colored the campus with T-Shirts, telling stories of people who had survived sexually violent crimes. By hanging the t-shirts, victims are able to express themselves by joining other victims and bringing awareness all while show in The clothesline will display numerous t-shirts with testimonies of previous victims. Some shirts had expressions with statements such as, “don’t be afraid to leave a coward”, “this isn’t over yet, I am a FIGHTER”, “when I say ‘stop’, you NEED to stop”, while others were dedicated to those who had lost their lives due to sexual abuse or domestic violence. The shirts were various colors orange, red, pink, blue, green, grey, purple, black, yellow and white, categorizing which kind of crime the victim experienced. The red, orange and pink represented rapes or sexual assaults. Blue and green stood for child sexual abuse. Gray indicated human trafficking. Cases of sexual harassment were black, while yellow meant domestic violence. White t-shirts were homicide cases. I wish Some survivors will recover and regain a sense of control over their lives when they are being treated for injuries resulting. I did copycats this page from internet and need to be free plagiarism.