Motivation Letter for the DAAD Scholarship programme

Admission Essay

Motivation Letter for the DAAD Scholarship programme

Essay Instruction/theme: The motivational letter with statement of professional and personal motives for studying in Germany and justification of the choices of three specific master programs listed in their priority (3 pages maximum). The motivational letter has to be uniform for all three programs. Programmes: 1. University of Cologne – International Management – CEMS MIM 2. University of Mannheim – Management – 3. Goete University Frankfurt am Main – International Management – Information on the student: Name – Mariia Sokolova Nationality – Russian Native Language – Russian English – IELTS 8 French Sign Language – A1 EDUCATION AND TRAINING 1 Sep 2013–30 Jun 2017 Bachelor degree in management Ural Federal University – Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ekaterinburg (Russia) UrFU is placed 6th among Russian universities by Webometrics Ranking of World Universities Specialisation: International Management Focus on Finance, Economy and Managing the company in the international context 1 Oct 2015–29 Feb 2016 Exchange Semester Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany) Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 28 credits obtained in total WORK EXPERIENCE 10 Jan 2017–31 Mar 2017 Intern in audit department PwC (one of the Big Four audit companies), Ekaterinburg (Russia) Extra-curricular activities October-December 2016 – Participant of EY Business School 29-30 October 2016 – Participant of the forum for young leaders and enterpreneurs ‘You Lead’ July 2016 – Participant of the Summer Academy of Audit in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in the end was offered an internship June 2016 – Team Leader of the international project “GENERATION 2030” aimed on achieving global goals September 2016 and July 2015 – Participant of the educational courses in Krakow and Tallinn organized by Board of European Students of Technology July 2015 & July 2016 – Participant of the GSEM summer schools ‘International Commerce’ and ‘International Retail’ Motivation: During the exchange semester in Berlin I was studying courses most of which were from the master level. That courseswere way more advanced and interesting than courses I could study in my university. That gave me motivation to find an opportunity to get education of better quality abroad and become a better professional in the future. Working in a global business enterprise, preferably in the sphere of consulting. Chosen program offers excellent academic and practical training to gain the competencies needed for this job. These programs are intercultural, they offer their students practical experience such as consultancy projects ans internship as well as the ability to develop soft skills of every student (team work, leadership and business communication skills) Since my first lecture of management I understood I’m very interested in this field. I took every opportunity to get additional knowledge or experience (semester abroad, business schools, company visits, scientific work, internships). I took an internship in Audit department in PwC. I realized that audit is great but I would prefer to build a career in consulting cause it’s a more relevant place to implement my knowledge. I want to practice and teach management sience in the future. What I like the most about consulting is working on different projects and developing as a professional all the time. I enjoy solving challenging business cases and problems and I want to become better in it.. Strong analytical skills and quantitative methods of data analysis, business communication, negotiation and networking. Working and other practical experience. I have an experience in organizing events on the university level, I was actively participating in different volunteering projects and I used to work with kids for four years. I can say for sure that I will actively participate in the social life of the university and the city as a whole during studying abroad. I want to teach Management in Russian universities in the future, to encourage technical or other students to start their own business or to help business students to choose a better career and to foster futher research into the management sience in Russia. I believe that a great professor, first of all, has a great practical experience. And that’s what I would love to get while working in consulting. The main ‘Asset’ of a consultant is his/her professional competences, technical and soft skills and experience. I’ve choosen master programs that will perfectly complement my bachelor degree and help me to futher improve my knowledge and develop qualities/skills needed.

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