(participant) observation

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(participant) observation

(participant)observation This assignment asks you design, conduct and write up a small-scale ethnography. This exercise is intended to help you gain experience with the chief methods, strategies and ideas employed in the ethnographic tradition that we have been discussing. These methods always require a period of intense observation, or participant-observation, and so I would like your mini-ethnography to incorporate observation as its starting point. In order to more fully capture your initial observations, you will need to keep a set of notes taken in the field followed by post-observation analysis of these field notes. Drawing on these notes, you will compose your ethnography. How to approach this assignment: 1. Context. Find a setting, environment or event that you are interested in learning more about. It may be a setting to which you already have access, or which you experience on a regular basis and would like to know more about (e.g., a protest, your neighborhood subway stop, a barber shop, chess players in Union Square). 2. Ethics. Consider your impact on the environment. Is the setting a public space which does not require you to inform people that they are being observed? How might you inform people that they are part of a research project? Consider how to maintain anonymity. 3. Assumptions. Try not to prove pre-existing theories you have about the context and activities happening (and then see how hard this is!). Remember that an ethnographer’s research questions should arise in the process of observation, as do answers to research questions. !). I want you to write about and become aware of these pre-existing assumptions, how they might have affected your perception of the people and events, how they may alter your interactions. Remember our discussion on positionality and reflexivity. 4. Time. While I don’t want to make static time requirements for this assignment, the concept of ‘intense observation’ should connote more than one or two hours of observation. The time you spend on this project really depends on what you are examining. If you are studying how people position their bodies in elevators, then you’ll only have a few minutes of elevator riding time per day, for example. Alternatively, you could study behaviors in a cafe or classroom for an hour at a time. It really depends. The point is to become aware of both the environmental constraints of your observation and the significant role that time plays in ethnographic research. Guidelines for ‘looking’: 1. Observers try to uncover and record the unspoken common sense assumptions of the group that they are studying. Look for immediate and local meanings which appear to matter to the people you are observing. 2. Draw. Field notes should be more than writing; drawing maps and sketching activities is often very useful when trying to remember the details of what you have seen. Include notes about body language, environment, and noise. What is going on around this context that may be shaping it? 3. Reflect on your own actions. As we’ve discussed, ethnographers alter their environments and are thus themselves altered, even as they attempt to fit into their contexts as unobtrusive observers and as participant observers. How much do you have to adapt yourself in order to learn about the context and culture that you are studying? 4. Try to find emic (insider) categories and terms that the participants themselves use. How do these emic concepts organize the activities that you are observing? 5. Systematically look for discrepant cases or anomalies. If most people seem to be doing an activity the same way, notice who does it differently. What seems to be going on here? 6. Try various kinds of observation. Be a silent observer one time, and talk to people the next (if relevant). 7. If you are interested in critical/feminist approaches to research, consider how power is located in the practices you are observing. Writing it up: As you are observing, you should take notes (handwritten) and keep these to hand in with the assignment. After each period of observation, you should spend at least 15 minutes examining your notes, and then writing at least a paragraph of metalevel observations. In other words, what have you noticed about what you noticed? Go through these steps systematically each time you engage in observation. This should include your discussion of point #3 under “guidelines for ‘looking'”, and it should include any ‘findings’ that you believe you have found. What did your observation yield? How did these relate to any assumptions you had about the context? What might be the next step in a research project that would carry on with the particular context that you observed? What other methods might you turn to next in order to probe the context further? 2. include scanned or typed versions of 1) your notes from the field and 2) postfield notes (analysis of your field notes and meta-level observations)

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sexuality and gender in Asia

Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Gender and Sexuality in Asia Based on what you know about gender and sexuality in Asia (e.g. the hijra of India, the waria of Indonesia, and tom-deeism in Thailand as well as other framing course concepts) respond to the following prompt. Prompt: Anthropologists think about gender as various socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that are not fixed in time or place. For those in Asia who do not fit neatly into the gender binary or defined categories, what are their lives like? How do they make a living and/or create communities in contemporary Asian societies? What challenges do they face?

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED 6/17 rough draft annotated bibliography due 6/24 final annotated bibliography due 6/26 presentation due present on a mass disaster or refugee situation (HAITI EARTHQUAKE) in an annotated PP presentation. Presentations should include approximately 25 slides. The presentation should include a works cited slide, in-text citations, and any images used should also be referenced

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Essays have to prove that you have thorough knowledge of both concepts related to consumption and empirical studies of the chosen topic, so research of literature is crucial for a successful evaluation. The essay should not be just a summarization of existing literature, but should answer a research question or address a problem related the themes studied during the course. You should use at least 7 academic texts for your essay. These texts should be not be compulsory readings for the course. These texts can be theoretical (provide you with a theoretical concept), or empirical (academic studies of research phenomena). The essay should be a formal piece of academic writing. You should consistently reference to literature you are using (any attempts to plagiarism will lead to evaluation F and discussion with an ethical board) and provide the list of the cited literature at the end of the essay. The assignment itself is very broad – you may choose any topic related to consumption. I would like to approve the topic during consultations to make sure that your research question is narrow enough to answer successfully in an essay of this length.

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Guidelines: o 500-1000words o Spelling,grammarandpresentationwillbetakenintoaccount. o Font:CalibriorTimesNewRoman,12pt o Double-spaced o Nocoverneeded o Putyourname,classnameandsection,student#andinstructor’snameatbeginning o Followthewordcountguidelines o Pagenumbersrequired o APAcitationstyle(ifneeded) How to Do Your Best 1. Follow the directions! 2. Use your resources wisely including your professor, the Library and the Writing centre. 3. Don’t plagiarize! 4. Proofread your paper!

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED For your first essay, you will explore the theory of evolution further by finding examples of evolution in your surroundings. Instructions: Find a NEWS article that addresses an example of evolution. (A news article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine tsuch as the New York Times, FOX, The Washington Post, VICE, etc. that addresses a current event. It does not include sources like Wikipedia, eHow, dictionaries, academic journals, or other information websites.) Write a 300 word essay that answers the following questions: What is the modern synthesis of evolutionary theory? What evidence is there to support the theory? How does the article you chose exemplify the theory of evolution at work in the world today? Your essay should: be a total of 300 words or more. The 300 word limit DOES NOT include the questions, names, titles, and references. It also does not include meaningless filler statements have factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites. be original work and will be checked for plagiarism. You will receive a zero if substantial portions of your work are taken from other sources without proper citation Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style Guide. Type your essay in a WORD Document, then upload your file by clicking “Browse My Computer” for Attach File. View the grading rubric above (Points Possible).

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Please complete the questions to the best of your ability. You can use your book and your notes, but you cannot work with other classmates. I do not recommend using the Internet while you work. It takes up time you need to actually think about your response, and often other sources use the same concepts in different (nonscholarly) ways then we’re using them for this class. Keep in mind the point is for you to show me what you know about the concepts we’ve covered in class. That means you should use key terms when you can and describe what they mean. Citation Expectations For the most part, you will probably summarize material from the course. If you use quotations, please keep the following in mind: -Follow MLA style for your citations. Cite quotations from our textbook like this: (Robbins 68). You are discouraged from using outside sources. If you do use materials that did not come from this class, include cite them both in-text and on a Works Cited page. -for module material I created, or from the films, please just indicate the source in your writing by naming the film and/or stating that it is from course modules -DO NOT COPY FROM THE INTERNET FOR YOUR ANSWERS; you will receive a zero if plagiarism is found

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED I was speaking with WriterSamantha, but I am confused and put the order into draft mode. I am lost but wanted to make a deal. APA

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Final Annotated Bibliography

Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED An annotated bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography on a topic that includes annotations. Annotations are summaries identifying the main argument, evaluating the argument (assessing its value), and explain why it is important/relevant for your topic. Researchers use annotated bibliographies to become familiar with a topic before they write a research paper or conduct research on that topic. Going through this process helps you learn about a topic of interest to you without writing out a full research paper on it. It’s a method of independent study with a certain degree of flexibility. The annotated bibliography project for our class involves two assignments: a proposal and the final annotated bibliography (the final annotated bibliography builds on the work you did for the proposal). To complete both, you must choose an anthropological topic of interest to you (and approved by me), find six sources on the topic, four of which must be scholarly sources about it, and read up on the topic. You will then turn in an annotated bibliography on your topic. The proposal is a first step towards the final annotated bibliography. The topic you choose can be anything related to one of the subfields of anthropology. You need a topic that is not too specific such as: macaque food procurement in Varanasi, India. It also shouldn’t be too broad: primate-human interactions. Instead, choose a narrowed topic that you will still be able to find information on such as: primate-human interactions in major cities. The Final Annotated Bibliography: For the Final Annotated Bibliography submit: A three-page essay in which you what you learned about your topic from your sources; you should use in-text citation from your sources in your three-page essay. A bibliography with at least six sources listed in MLA format (you can use the sources and annotations you used on your proposal for these; make sure you fix them according to my feedback). An annotation of two paragraphs directly after each source on your bibliography What should my annotations look like? Here is an excellent resource on annotated bibliographies: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/specific-types-of-writing/annotated-bibliography (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Example #2 is what you need to do for your first paragraph of each annotation. For the second paragraph, read where it says “Assessing the relevance and value of sources” further down the page. What kinds of sources can I use? Scholarly sources include: articles from library databases, reference materials from library databases, and books from the library. Four of your sources must be from these materials. Other sources: you may use websites for two of your sources if they are credible, thorough, and make their sources clear. For example, the Primate Info Net is a website of University Wisconsin-Madison: http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. It is not a beautiful site, but it is credible and informative. (If you aren’t sure about a source you found, get in touch with me and I can look it over.) Wikipedia is not a credible source. Formatting: Use 12-point font, double-spacing, and 1 inch margins for both the paper and the bibliography. (Double-space the annotations for your bibliography.) Citation formatting for the bibliography: Use in-text citations for all summarized, paraphrased, and quoted information. Use MLA style for your citations (APA or Chicago style may be used with instructor permission). Citation guidance with videos is posted in Canvas in the “Resources” module. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.

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Strangers in Their Own Land: Preface, Parts 1 and 2 (pp. ix to 132)

Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Response to this Prompt: How does Hochschild move beyond the notion of “false consciousness” (or “dupes”) in her understanding of the figures she comes to know through the course of her research on the American Right? What particular stories give complexity to the lives of those falling into what Hochschild calls “The Great Paradox”?

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Who is my figure of modernity and why do they matter? (Who or what did you select for your figure of Asian modernity assignment?) Why did you choose this figure and what do they represent about contemporary, modern Asia? Is this a figure of modernity that speaks to Asia broadly or one country (or city or village) specifically? What larger theoretical themes does your figure demonstrate, e.g. gender and sexuality, poverty and development, urban/rural divide, media and technology, nationalism, etc.? What is the past and future of your figure? Is it a positive one? Are they optimistic? How does modernity respond to them (i.e. how are they treated in the world at large)? What does their future look like?

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Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 8/11/19 AT 11 PM PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME Suppose that you are a professor and a student comes to see you to ask about the debate between evolution and creationism. What would you tell the student? In other words, how can one believe in both God and evolution at the same time? Answer as if you were a professor speaking to the student. Hints: The best source of information on this topic comes from the online lecture relating to this issue. Do not simply copy information from the lecture presentation. You should answer the question as if you were a professor talking to a student. Make sure you clearly explain how one can believe in both views. Note that much of the information about this question was presented in the previous unit. Suppose you were having a conversation with someone who pointed out that Latinos historically did not perform well academically. The person then made the claim that, “Those who are Latinx are genetically inferior in intellectual capacity.” How would you respond? Describe and apply the three misconceptions about race to the statement. Hints: You should use the information relating to the three misconceptions of race found in the lecture and supplemented in the textbook to answer the question. You will be graded on how well you apply the information to the question asked about people who are Latinx. Note that this is a difficult question and you should put in an appropriate amount of time. Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of America’s best-known 19th-century figures is credited with the following quote: “As we grow old…the beauty steals inward.” This suggests that as people age, they grow less attractive. Most evolutionary biologists would agree. (a) From an evolutionary perspective, explain in detail why men should find younger women more attractive. (b) Adam Wetsman proposed a slightly different explanation for why men are so interested in attractiveness. Explain in detail his pro- posal. Hints: See the lectures relating to mate preferences and the “Looks Paradox”. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES ONLY ONES I PROVIDE

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How does ETHNICITY shape social relations in London?

Get the Best annotated bibliography homework solutions. Original and plagiarism-free annotated bibliography paper. Money-back guarantee. | SOLVED Answer the report question by engaging with the module anthropological literature and your own original ethnographic materials. I will attach documents explaining the assignment more clearly. I will also attach a list of ethnographic materials you should include though the essay. Marking criteria is also included.

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