article to chose the topics below: • Legal Implications in Nursing Practice • Caring in Nursing Practice • Communication • Patient Education • Patient Safety • Self-Concept The purposes of this assignment are to: • Explore topics related to nursing, health and the delivery of healthcare. • Develop skill at using the library and Internet databases to find professional nursing literature. Method: Each student will select one topic from the syllabus and read one article from the nursing literature about the topics selected. Sources for the article may be any professional nursing journal within the last three years. The article must be from a nursing journal or no credit will be given and you will not be allowed to resubmit the paper. Generally, if the word Nursing is in the title, it will be an appropriate journal. Please check if you are confused. NOTE: Editorials or articles less than 1000 words may not be chosen. The paper should have a title page in APA format with a header and page number, and then a title, student name, affiliation (Jacksonville University), and date centered in the middle of the title page. The body of the paper is composed of a summary of the chosen article and a critique of the article’s value in promoting safety in nursing practice. Be certain to also include a separate paragraph stating how the article influenced your beliefs/values regarding professional nursing, nursing practice or the provision of health care Grading Criteria: Summary of article (complete, clear, concise): 1- 2 paragraphs Critique of article’s promotion of knowledge, skills, and attitudes points regarding safety in professional nursing practice: 1 paragraph Critique of value to student: 1 paragraph Bibliographic notation (APA format), typing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style NOTE; submitted to Turnitin Papers with a match > 18% will not be accepted for grading