Research skills are important in accomplishing any academic task and program. As a student or a scholar, you must know how to research for your assignments and other academic papers, to gather the information you need to write your papers.

In this guide, we present an introductory guide for approaching a research process. This is a part of a Complete Research Process Guide we have prepared for students and scholars.

Let’s dive right in.

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Defining Research

According to Oleen (2016), “research is a complex, iterative process that starts with an open-ended question, called an inquiry question, and results in learning something new.”

Research is an iterative process, meaning it’s repetitive but you learn as you move forward and make changes.

True research isn’t about proving something you may already know, nor is it about just gathering a bunch of information on a topic. It isn’t always easy, but you will find yourself learning new skills both within the library and without.

It is a process that will take practice, as does many things you may wish to get better at, and will serve you well as you become proficient. This is the reason why it is very important to master the research process as a student or a scholar.

Understanding the research process in your academic path has long-term benefits in preparing you in analyzing other people’s academic work, and writing your own.

Here is an infographic from University of Oregon visualizing the research process.


Research Process Infographic

Real-life cases you may be needed to use the research process model as a scholar?

  • When writing an essay
  • Term Paper Writing
  • Research Paper writing
  • Writing your senior year project
  • Writing a Thesis
  • Writing a doctorate dissertation proposal and the actual dissertation writing
  • Writing a Business Plan – Conducting a business research

As a student, your essay and any other academic writing is expected to demonstrate that you have read and included information from other authors to support and prove your argument.

Researching for an essay is an important task that should come before the writing process. Once you carry out enough research, you begin writing an essay.

In this guide, we discuss the research process by stating the step-by-step activities every student should take. These steps present an easy-to-follow process to fully research for an assignment or essay.

The guide is divided into several sections that focus on each of the following items:

Introducing the Research Process – Steps Steps to Follow

Step I – Get Enough Time

Step II – Brainstorming: Getting Ready

Step III – Accessing Sources – Materials

– Start with the Class readings or materials – Reading Skills

Step IV – Conducting external research

– Using the library and the internet

– Research both sides of the argument/topic

Step V – Organize your research findings from the different sources


  1. How to choose the right sources
  2. After the research | What Next?



Step I - Get Enough Time

In every research, time management is very important and helps you to conduct enough research to meet your goals.


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