Allocating adequate time that will allow you to carry enough research on your essay topic is the most challenging step of beginning an assignment. However, learning how to manage time during your research process will help you conduct quality research, and improve the quality of your argument.

With that said, let’s learn some time management strategies for research productivity.

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When starting your research process, time management becomes the first Step before finding sources, or even writing an outline. A good research activity, which results in a great research paper, must be comprehensive and thorough. This can only be achieved by allocating enough time to prepare and carry out research. Schedule your time appropriately.

Learning how to manage time while working on an academic paper determines how you perform and the grade you will get.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start working on your research as early as possible. This gives you a good head-start to analyzing sources, collecting more information, and writing the research paper.

Select Appropriate Session. Remember, the goal of time management skills is to help you get the most research work. Therefore, selecting sessions that you are most productive improves the quality of your research. This should be any period you use to study maybe in the library or any other place you can be productive.

Also, don’t use too much time looking and reading your sources. Strive to balance time between gathering the right sources, analyzing each source, and synthesizing or combining information from all your readings.

Allocate enough time depending on the size of your paper or the requirements of the assignment. More research is needed for a 15-page term paper, in comparison to the time needed to carry out research for a 500 words essay

Once you have allocated time for your research, it’s time to brainstorm.

Step II – Brainstorming the Research Topic

Brainstorming is the second stage in the research process and the step last in preparing for research activity.

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