sociological and historical explanations of the development of the Canadian society using an article.

Introduction: One of the powerful sources of influence in interactions of individuals and groups is the media. Specifically, media sources influence the way we perceive, represent, construct and deconstruct social relations in society. As well, it influences the way we (mis)interpret events and their historical, social, religious, political and economic contexts. The purpose of this assignment is to test your understanding of the sociological and historical explanations of the development of the Canadian society and the state using a published article in a newspaper. 1.Find a newspaper article published within the past 12 months in theOttawa Citizen, the Globe and the National Post that focuses on historical events, economic, political, religious and other social relations within the Canadian society. 2.Using historical sociological approach, examine the article based on your knowledge gained from this course regarding significant events in the process of nation(s) building in Canada and emerging relations. 3.In your analysis, use a relevant theoretical framework that explains the approach of the author (s) of the article.1.The paper should be eight pages long (double-spaced). Marks will be deducted if students go over the eight pages. 4.Cite at least five (5) academic bibliographical sources. The textbook should be one of your sources. Your bibliographical sources should be on a separate sheet. 5.Format your references and bibliographies according to author-date citation system. E. g., Harrison, Trevor W. and Friesen, John W. 2015. Canadian Society in the Twenty-First Century: An Historical Sociological Approach. Third Edition.Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.1 6.Use one-inch margins, and 12 pt Times New Roman font. Do not change the font size or margins.