Supply Chain – Final Case Study

SOLVED. Get the solution.  Answer the below questions according to attached case stud

1)All RISK requires consideration in the following five areas of a business: corporate strategy, supply chain organization, process management, performance metrics and information & technology. 
a) What could be the main “risk” for your database?
b) Of the four possible solutions for the “risk”, which is most applicable to the “risk” you selected?

2) Use the “risk” selected in question 1 and build a risk-assessment-matrix explaining each selection made for column headings.

3)If you could locate the database firm (your selection) and consider it a development company, anywhere in the world, which place would you choose and why? You must consider the Supply Chain impacts.

4)Can the Supply Chain for your company (database) become too lean? Explain and provide supporting references.

1. Content = 60% 2. APA 7 Research Paper Formatting = 20% 3. A minimum of five references = 10% 4. Page count is a minimum of 6 pages NOT COUNTING COVER PAGE, REFERNCES and APPENDIX. = 10% 5. Grammar, spelling will be part of the content grade. 6. There are four specific questions to respond too for your particular Case Study. a. To respond you must read and understand the information provided in the Case Study. (This may require reading the CS and taking notes several times.) b. I expect your responses to utilize subject covered in lecture.

Due Date: 11/18/2022
Page: Content 6 pages minimum
Format: APA 7

Transportation – Project 11

SOLVED. Get the solution. As transport director of XPO Logistics Inc, you are concerned that the employees in your department do not fully understand how and where the data that they use to schedule your in-house transport is created. This lack of knowledge has resulted in wasteful use of transport assets, limited development of solutions to day to day problems, conflict with other departments and increasing customer complaints.
You have decided to set up a training session for your employees, the purpose of which is to show them which systems are used to plan future priorities starting with aggregate executive planning through to daily transportation priorities. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for this in-house training. (5 pages)

Discussion 5.1 – Being Politically Savvy

SOLVED. Get an original solution. Global supply chain managers will increasingly need to be more politically savvy to avoid and mitigate supply chain disruptions.
Find an article about a geopolitical event. Summarize the event then discuss how it had the potential to disrupt the supply chain.

What are some things you would have done to mitigate the problem?
What types of contingencies could be put in place to avoid this problem in the future?

Post a link to the article.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words 

sourcing and offshoring in the supply chain

Score an A in this assignment. Get an original solution. case analysis
topic: souring and offshoring in a supply chain
what are the facts, problems, possible solutions, chose a solution and provide rationale behind choice, and possible implementation plan regarding sourcing and offshoring in a supply chain (use a company as an example)
1000 words
2-3 peer reviewed references.

GEB3358 Negotiation Experience Presentation Assignment

Score an A in this assignment. Get an original solution.  
In this assignment you will be presenting a real negotiation experience. 
1) Choose a negotiation you were involved in either personally or through your business. It can be one you will be involved in as well.
Use the following as a guide to discussing your negotiation:
Preparing for Negotiations (Before you negotiate)

An advantage to you – Don’t start any negotiation unless you can win something.
Clarify your Aims – What do you want?
Gather Information – Get facts and figures but not too much.
Don’t go it alone – Build alliances.
Get a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) – Have a second-best deal waiting in the wings.
Prepare the setting – Get home advantage if you can.
Prepare yourself mentally – Increase your power by being ready.
Worksheet and key points – Complete the worksheet and review the topic.

2) Prepare a Powerpoint