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Our work, at heart, involves bringing students, scholars, and researchers closer to writing resources that help improve their writing projects. Inside the writing center, we have prepared various materials and resources to provide guiding notes and templates to complete various writing activities.

Our resources include guides, tips, templates, and samples. These resources are available for various writing projects including essay writing, term paper writing, research paper writing, research process, writing process, writing literature review, and annotated bibliography writing. Our guides are diverse and range in various disciplines and subjects.

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Gateway Assignment - Essay Writing Guide

Essay Writing Guide: How to Write an Essay

Writing an essay aims at presenting position on a topic, which is often referred to as your argument. The essay is your opportunity to demonstrate that you can think critically about complex issues, and clearly communicate the conclusions you have reached as a result of your research.

In this essay writing guide, you will find step-by-step explanations with examples ranging from how to start an essay, outlining process, how to write a compelling thesis statement, up to summarizing the main ideas of your essay in the conclusion.

How to Easily Write an Essay in Five Simple Steps

Steps to write an essay: 1. Create an Outline 2. Write an introduction 3. Write body paragraphs 4. Write a conclusion. 5. Proofread & edit

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How to Create the Perfect Outline for an Essay

An outline is a template with the main parts of the essay. To outline an essay; state the topic, thesis statement & organized key points.

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How to Introduce an essay like a pro – Writing the introduction paragraph

Introduction paragraph should Grab reader’s attention; Highlight the the context; State your argument with a thesis statement; and Provide an overview of the essay.

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How to Write Body Paragraphs – A Step-by-Step Guide

Thumb rule of writing body paragraphs is keep one point per paragraph. Structure: Topic Sentence. Explanation. Evidence & Examples. Link.

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Conclusion Paragraph: How to write a good conclusion for an essay

Start the conclusion paragraph by restating the main argument/thesis statement. Restate main points, and significance of your argument/essay.

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How to write an essay – A full Essay Checklist

After you finish to write an essay, confirm you have the following key elements from our detailed essay checklist. Use together with a rubric.

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Gateway Assignment - Term Paper Writing

Term Paper Writing Guide

A term paper is an extensive writing assignment for examining learning achievements for a term. Learn how to write a term paper in this full guide.

In this guide, I present everything you need to know about writing a term paper in the following order. First, I define and explain what is a term paper. In part two, we look at how to research, outline, and write the term paper. Part three explains the difference between a term paper and a research paper.

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Gateway Assignment - Annotated Bibliography Writing

Annotated Bibliography Writing

An annotated bibliography refers to a list of citations or references that identifies a source of information and provides a summary, a critique or an appraisal, relevance, and application of the source’s information in the current topic of writing.

Do you have a research you are working on or a school assignment that requires annotated bibliography writing? Well, writing an annotated bibliography is a very interesting activity and can really help improve the quality of your research activity. In this quick guide, we explore what is expected of you in this exciting annotated bibliography writing.

Continue Reading about ‘How to Write an Annotated Bibliography’ Here.

Also, check out our Annotated Bibliography Writing Service, to discover how you could benefit from working with us in writing your annotated bibliography.

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Miscellaneous Writing Resources

More writing resources prepared by our professors, Tutors, and Expert Writers.


How to Write essay paragraphs – Using the TEEL Structure

TEEL Structure of essay paragraphs helps arrange and organize ideas in a logical way. Topic Sentence | Explanation | Evidence | Link

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Writing an Essay: How Long should an essay be? Length, Editing, and Citing

In this guide, Frequently Asked Questions on essay writing are Answered. How do I start writing an essay? What are the parts of an essay? How long should an essay be? Citations and references? more…

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How to Start Early – Planning Your Assignments at the Beginning of a Semester

In this guide, we look at the various tips you can use to help prepare for research and writing activities at the beginning of the semester/term. The most important thing is to start and start early. If you give yourself enough time to plan, research, write and revise your work you won’t have to rush. Access this full guide to Prep for term papers, and assignments.

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5 Leadership Concepts for MBA Students

In this article, we explore five leadership concepts that MBA students can use to take their careers to the next level.

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Get an expert help you write any assignment in marketing including marketing essay, research paper, and case study.

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